Award Topics

The Sakıp Sabancı International Research Awards, which have been held for 18 years following the will of Sabancı University Honorary President Sakıp Sabancı, rewarded young researchers and a scientist who have made significant contributions to academic studies in the field of republicanism within the scope of this year's theme, "The 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye: Republicanism in Theory and Application".
At the Sakıp Sabancı International Research Awards and Commemoration Ceremony, the Special Jury Prize was awarded to Philip Pettit, the L.S. Rockefeller Professor of Human Values at Princeton University since 2002 and Professor of Philosophy at the Australian National Universitysince 2012.
Dolunay Bulut,The New School for Social Research / Politics
“Republic after New Authoritarianism: Constitution as an Object of Fetish”
Burak Tan, University of Chicago, Department of Political Science
“The Dual Challenge of the Anatolian Revolution: Anti-Imperialist Self-Determination as Identity and Critique”
Banu Turnaoğlu Açan, Sabancı University
“Republicanism in Turkey: Visions, Dreams and Cultivations of a Political Reality”
The evaluation of the applications submitted in the award program, which is led by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Istanbul Policy Center of Sabancı University, is carried out by an independent and international jury. Within the scope of the award program, a different theme is determined every year from all fields of social sciences, from economics to politics, history, and psychology.