2014 Sakıp Sabancı International Research Award



Despite significant efforts and progress toward reducing the gender gap in its economic, political and social life, Turkey has fallen short of realizing the goal of gender equality by most standards. To cite only one assessment, it ranks 124th  out of 135 countries in World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report in 2012. It is thus as urgent as ever to understand the nature and extent of gender-based inequalities in Turkey in their structural dimensions and diverse patterns, as well as to recognize and evaluate the scope and impact of the achievements in the direction of equality. Tis requires a consideration of the interconnections between different domains of the gender regime in Turkey, from economic and political practices that prevent equal empowerment, to the taken-for- granted forms of everyday gendered behavior, the propagation of patriarchal values, or the restrictions on sexuality and gender identity rights. Such a consideration will benefit from alternative conceptualizations of persisting problems, proposals for new countervailing strategies, and the contextualization of issues of gender equality in different theoretical and comparative frameworks..

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About The Award

In 2005, Sabancı University decided to announce and administer an international research award in order to encourage research on all aspects of Turkish culture, society and politics, and to uphold distinguished examples of fresh research with a view to engaging intellectual attention on Turkey’s role in the contemporary world.  The “Sakıp Sabancı International Research Award” has been endowed in honor of the late Sakıp Sabancı, Honorary Chairman of Sabancı University’s Board of Trustees, and covers fields such as Turkish and Islamic Art and the History, Economy and Sociology of Turkey.